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- 2021

We built a commercial alliance in Europe, to achieve more agile access to our clients and facilitate access to European trends, raw materials and technologies. Thinking about international growth and the future, we changed the corporate model and continued as GRANA S.A. We added a new plot of land in the vicinity of the current plant, expanding the available surface area by 3,400 m2.

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, we made the largest technological investments in our entire history at GRANA. We incorporated a punching machine and a paneling machine, both new and of European origin. We renewed the laser welders and letter shapers, expanded the industrial plant by 300 m2, 100% renewed all our IT equipment and incorporated a semi-automatic model painting plant with high capacity and controlled and assured quality.

As a result of hard work by our entire professional team, we achieved approval in the 7 processes in which we participate:

Nissan, approved in Tokyo Japan, for all of Latin America.

Scania, approved in Stockholm Sweden, for all of Latin America and Africa.

Volkswagen, approved in Germany, for all of Latin America.

Renault, approved in Paris France, for all of Argentina.

YPF, approved in Buenos Aires, for all of Argentina.

Shell, approved in Houston USA, for the whole world.

Copetrol, approved in Asunción, for all of Paraguay.

We have been exporting the image of Nissan, Shell, Copetrol and Scania to 7 destinations in Latin America and Africa.