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About us

We are Grana, a family-owned company specialized in the implementation of engineering and corporate image projects with global reach.

We focus on corporate customers with global reach from a wide range of sectors who need to position and differentiate their brand when connecting with their target audience through our high value-added solutions.

With more than 50 years of experience, we provide services such as consulting, project management, design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, installation and maintenance, with the support of a team endowed with high human and professional quality.

Thanks to our integrated processes, we can develop both customized solutions and mass production.

We remain a family-owned company, currently operated by its third generation, focused on people and customer satisfaction. Our DNA is built on Christian foundations plus a strong commitment to integrity, quality, innovation and care for our planet.

We are a professional organization specialized in the implementation of engineering and corporate identity projects that helps our corporate customers from anywhere in the world to communicate their image better, as well as to position and differentiate themselves with high value-added products and services. Our guidelines are based on a responsible work, ethical principles and a high spirit of service.

With the inspiration of God and the talent of our team, we wish to generate value in a sustainable and seminal way for all our audiences. To that end, we have grown to become a leading supplier, an innovator company and a global benchmark in the implementation of technological projects and corporate image.

Cornerstones on which we affirm our growth, development and sustainability

Innovation and leadership
Talent and group knowledge
Strategic alliances
State-of-the-art technology

Strategic values that guide our decisions and daily actions.

Effort and courage
Ethics and honesty
Esthetics and quality

Starting in the 90s, the world became globalized, and we understood this trend when we made our first export in 1999.


But in recent years, changes and transformations in the world have occurred in a more unexpected, disruptive and continuous way; which has led to the fact that neither the largest nor those with the best facilities and environments succeed or remain.

Our headquarters are located in Argentina, but our clear vision and determination for excellence, plus the flexibility and speed to understand and adapt to the changing circumstances of the world, are leading us to deepen our internationalization.


Our multidisciplinary team continues to grow with the incorporation of professionals from different countries and cultures.

We also research and select allies around the world who share our vision and values.


With this determination and resources, we are strengthening our internationalization.

We are a Professional Organization of family origin, family ownership, family work and professional management in the hands of the GRANA family.

Since the origins of our founder Juan Carlos Grana, around the end of the 60s, we have always been guided by the best values: effort, tenacity, perseverance, a deep-rooted work culture, responsibility, honesty, ethics and a deep passion for sharing, for creativity, innovation and achievement.

Today the ownership and management is in the hands of the second and third generations, who work professionally and responsibly every day with all their people.
The great blessing of having been chosen and illuminated by God has been a great source of inspiration to redesign a new management model, based on Christian pillars, where we pursue with strong determination to bless, build, benefit and provide value to all our audiences, prioritizing our people.

Our clear business vision motivates and drives us to continue growing in a sustainable and seminal way, always as a family.

Technology, infrastructure, financial resources, geographical location, are meaningless without a good team. The difference is made by our people.

They are the ones who have been faithfully accompanying us for a long time and with a high commitment, aligned with our values ​​and policies.

But with an inclusive spirit, we open the doors of our organization to all professionals who want to join our dreams and desires and align themselves with those values ​​and policies. Thus, we continually add new professionals of different backgrounds, ages, origins, genders and nationalities, as well as continue to expand our network of allies throughout Argentina and the world.

For all our people we have career plans, training programs and exclusive benefits that differentiate us in the labor market of our region.

Since 2016, we have been working tirelessly to take care of our planet and minimize the negative impacts of all our activities.

We carry out all our environmental management using the “17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations” as a guide.
In 2017, we were the first industry in the Province of Santa Fe to incorporate a renewable solar energy generation system, through photovoltaic panels, on the roof of our factory. 23% of the energy we consume comes from the sun.
We have the clear objective of reaching the end of 2021, with 60% solar generation and by the beginning of 2023 we will have 100% of our electricity consumption, supplied by natural, renewable and non-polluting sources.
But we have invested a lot in our lighting systems, which are 100% LED, our air conditioning equipment is 100% inverter, very low consumption and high efficiency.
We have greatly optimized the consumption of our machines, through heavy investments in energy efficiency technologies.
Our entire production chain is supplied with 100% recyclable, non-polluting supplies and materials.

Since 2018, we have separated all our waste and scrap, with the strong and committed participation of all our people. We are a pioneering company awarded by the City Hall of Rafaela.
We provide continuous support and training to our people on health care, nutrition and household waste separation. Our people have additional private medical coverage, emergency service at their homes provided by our company, plus the benefit of a balanced lunch.

We encourage the continuous incorporation of people of different genders and we finance extra-work education and training programs for our people.
We organize and finance talks by specialists on the SDGs for the entire community of our City.

We have financed and planted 22 trees in the public spaces bordering our industrial plant and we take care of their daily care.

We finance, build and install a public lighting system with 100% solar supply, for a needy neighborhood in our City of Rafaela.
In this way, our Company promotes, invests in and is proud of its contributions to the realization of a sustainable society and our continued efforts to make the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) a reality.

Our History

  • 1969

    Juan Carlos “Pichón” Grana, thanks to his great talents for drawing and brush, launches his own venture, serving companies in the City of Rafaela, with the labeling of commercial posters.
  • 1972

    The first collaborators, family and friends join.
  • 1978

    With the company name “Carteles Grana”, Juan Carlos expands its reach to the entire region surrounding the City of Rafaela.
  • 1984

    The second generation, his son Gabriel Grana, joins the company, only 17 years old and having completed his secondary education.
  • 1989

    We carried out the first projects in the Province of Córdoba.
  • 1991

    We inaugurated the first business building, with new equipment, offices and production units. The company name is changed to “Grana Industria Publicitaria S.R.L.”
  • 1996

    We achieved the first national projects in the banking financial market of the Argentine Republic.
  • 1998

    We achieved the first project in the oil industry, serving as the only supplier in the entire country, to “San Lorenzo” petrol stations. We imported the first large industrial machines from Canada and Italy.
  • 1999

    Grana Industria Publicitaria SRL, becomes one of the first companies in the sector in South America, to certify its Quality system, under ISO 9001-1998 standards. We achieved the first export project to Paraguay, for “Supermercados España”.
  • 2000

    We bought a new land and the industrial facilities were expanded, adding 500 m2.
  • 2002

    We achieved the second major project in the Argentine oil industry, with the Petrobras brand, with coverage throughout the country.
  • 2003

    We recertified our Quality System, under ISO 9001 1998 standards. We purchased a new land of 10,000 m2 and began the construction of a new headquarters and industrial facilities of 2,500 m2.
  • 2004

    We reached new participations throughout the Argentine Republic, in projects for YPF, Massey and Ferguson. Gabriel Grana’s wife joins the organization, working in the Human Capital area.
  • 2005

    We achieved the John Deere Agricultural and Industrial project, building the complete image and exporting, with assembly included, to 15 countries in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. We opened a commercial representation in the USA, based in Miami, to be able to achieve and attend to projects in […]
  • 2006

    We expanded participation in the Petrobras project, exporting and installing the image in Paraguay and Uruguay.
  • 2007

    The third generation, Emmanuel Grana, grandson of the founder, joins the company, at 17 years old and having completed high school; and while he begins his university studies.
  • 2008

    We achieved projects for the PUMA brand of petrol stations, in Salvador and Puerto Rico, building, exporting and installing in those destinations. We obtained a large project in Angola-Africa, for the Puma brand, building, exporting and installing 30 petrol stations at destination. In some cases, in addition to the image, […]
  • 2010

    We incorporated a new land of 6,200 m2 and built a new and modern industrial corporate building with more than 3,600 m2 covered.
  • 2011

    We are awarded the OIL fuels project, building and installing the image for more than 250 petrol stations throughout the Argentine Republic.
  • 2012

    We recertified the Quality System, under ISO 9001 2005 standards. We opened a commercial representation based in Taiwan, to facilitate access to raw materials and technologies from the East. We achieved the Citröen project, as the only image provider in all its dealerships in the Argentine Republic.
  • 2013

    We incorporated new industrial technologies into the company: laser cutters for metals, laser cutters for acrylics, CNC folding machines, laser welding machines, panelizing machines, CNC letter forming machines and a painting system.
  • 2015

    Juan Carlos “Pichón” Grana, founder and partner of GRANA, passes away, leaving a great legacy for subsequent generations. We achieved the AXION Energy project, producing and installing image for more than 130 petrol stations throughout the Argentine Republic.
  • 2016

    We changed the company name to GRANA S.R.L.; and we modify the purpose of the company to adapt to new global market trends.
  • 2017

    We achieved the Toyota Argentina project, being the only official supplier, to supply its entire dealer network in the Argentine Republic. After extensive and intense work, we achieved global approval for the Shell company in Houston USA. This enabled us to be image providers for your petrol stations anywhere in […]
  • 2018

    We incorporate the robotic welding process.
  • 2019

    We expanded the corporate facilities, adding a new staff dining room, a model cinema-auditorium with 56 seats, a modern reception and a prototyping area. We also expanded the industrial sector by adding 1500 m2 covered. We made an alliance and achieved the support of the “IAE Business School”, launching a […]
  • 2020

    In the midst of the Covid pandemic, we began to participate in 7 global approvals, both for automotive and oil companies with global reach.
  • 2021

    We built a commercial alliance in Europe, to achieve more agile access to our clients and facilitate access to European trends, raw materials and technologies. Thinking about international growth and the future, we changed the corporate model and continued as GRANA S.A. We added a new plot of land in […]



Central location

Rafaela, Argentina

It is a city born especially of Italian immigrants with a strong attachment to effort and work, in a plain, center of the largest dairy basin in South America, but with high industrial diversification.

The City of Rafaela has a very prominent and modern industrial network, with strong public-private synergy and high performance in exports.

In this City we have our headquarters, where we concentrate all our strategic planning, research and development activities; plus all our productive processes.

From Rafaela we export to the whole world.


Due to our strong determination to have a global reach, in recent years we have invested in the research, selection and approval of different suppliers of raw materials and service providers, strategically located in different parts of the world.

We have prioritized values ​​and a shared vision, to achieve high results with mutual benefits.

Thus, thanks to this extensive network of expert allies, we provide ourselves with the latest technologies and most innovative materials from Asia, Europe and the USA.

And in the same way, we serve clients throughout Latin America, North America, Africa and Europe, with integral solutions.