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Our experience and deep-rooted culture of cooperation and service drives us to strive and work every day according to a customer-focused strategy in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Services


Advice and consultancy

We are your best partner to achieve the highest results when implementing your project. Our professional teams from the Commercial, Engineering and Quality departments are pleased to collaborate closely with our customers and their design agencies −detecting and being aware of their needs, expectations, preferences and objectives− in order to provide them with the best innovative solutions.


Field surveys – On-site audits

True to our commitment to achieve on-site safety and high-quality products, we visit the sales points and the final work field in order to provide tailor-made and flawless works.


Foreign trade

Since our first export in 1999, we can affirm that our market is the entire world, since we have completed turnkey projects in 23 countries of America, Africa and Europe.Through our Foreign trade department, we not only manage our imports of materials and technologies from all continents, but we also give advice to our customers and provide them with the best solution.

According to our customers’ needs, we define the best Incoterm, and we plan and control the entire shipping process until products reach the destination chosen by the customer.In this way, we are able to provide integral solutions with high added value. 


Design and Engineering

After deeply interpreting all our customers’ needs, aspirations, expectations and goals, our Innovation engineering and Prototyping team devises the products on modern CAD workstations.

In this virtual design stage, we let our imagination run free without setting limits or failing to consider trends, the environment and the continuous disruptive changes in the world.

At this phase, we produce 3D designs and views, 3D dynamic virtual simulations, technical specifications, CAD construction drawings, lists of materials, structural calculations and analysis (including seismic and hurricane zones), installation manuals and instructions.


Project management

We provide transparency and security to our customers by offering them an integral turnkey solution.

We appoint a project manager for each project who plans and controls the execution of each internal and external process. With the support of a project management software, we can control, document and report the status of each project phase at all times.


Logistics and Assemblage

One of our greatest competitive advantages is the turnkey modality with integrated solutions. Our professional experts in the field plan this stage in advance by determining times, routes and special services on site, optimizing costs, obtaining special permits, and designing and controlling safety plans.

In this regard, we make the difference with our competitors by having highly specialized personnel and modern hoisting equipment so that our products are esthetically and correctly installed, according to the highest safety standards.
We assemble and install on site a range of products that goes from small signs to complex and large items mounted at height, either through our own personnel or through our network of partners strategically distributed in each of the markets by us served.


Product development and prototyping

Once our Design and innovation team devises the 3D product on modern CAD workstations, we start to materialize it.

Before each prototyping phase, we share our previous experience and know-how with our customers. We also make all our technical capabilities, processes, technologies and materials available to them.

We frequently install a complete version of the prototype in a real pilot site, so that our customers can evaluate all parameters, test its functionality and measure the effect on their final audience or end users.

Often, our samples and prototypes must be sent to our customers’ headquarters in different continents to be tested and approved on site. We have a large experience and are diligent enough for this logistics as well.

Thanks to a fluid constructive dialogue with our customers, it is very common that our prototypes require several tests, adjustments or corrections before receiving the final approval.

From this final approval of the prototype, we are in a position to start a scale production for the whole world. 



We are one of the specialized industrial developers and manufacturers of signs and image with the largest production capacity in Latin America.

Our mass production at industrial level is deployed within an area of 10,000 m2 with the aid of automated machines: laser cutters, punching machines, folding machines, panel benders, laser welders, robotic welders, panelizing machines, thermoforming machines, HD printers, etc.

Notwithstanding, some processes are still operated by highly experienced craftsmen in order to ensure quality and fine details.


Each of these operations is carried out under a stringent process control as part of our ISO 9001 certified quality system.


Maintenance and after sales

Our strategic vision is to build long-term relationships with our customers.

The image of a brand depends to a great extent on the state of preservation and maintenance of its communication elements. It needs periodic servicing and we do it anywhere, with our own personnel or through our maintenance and mechanical support network, distributed in three continents.

Our customers can contact the after sales unit at

In this way, we guarantee that your brand retains its durability, safety and high value.

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